New for 2019! 90-minute course for String Teachers/Teachers-in-Training

Joanne Erwin

Flying Pizzicato: Bring Rolland’s Movement Techniques to your Studio!

Paul Rolland was the first to use science-based research to consider the role of movement in the acquisition of stringed-instrument performance technique. Rolland and Suzuki admired each other’s work, and Rolland’s ideas are compatible with any method or musical approach.

Rolland’s movement-centered approach has had worldwide influence in the teaching of children to play stringed instruments: students at early levels can do movements to prepare the mind and body for advanced technique.

In this workshop taught by Joanne Erwin, adult participants will actively participate in studies and strategies to free up players at any stage of development.

Sunday, July 12,

The College of New Jersey, Mayo Performing Arts Center, Ewing, NJ

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