Classes Available to Violinists


A master class lesson is a shared experience. Three or four children, depending on their age and repertoire, are assigned to a teacher for an hour. During this hour, the teacher will teach each of the students individually while the others watch. By watching the other students, your child will be motivated and will learn much about playing the instrument. Parents attend the entire hour to observe and take notes of interest from all of the students' lessons. Please prepare a polished piece to play in the masterclass. This means something you can already play easily so that you can gain the most from the teacher’s comments.

Violin, Viola, and Cello Group Classes

These classes are organized by book level. In a group repertoire class, musical techniques and playing skills can be worked on as the students play their common repertoire together.

Chamber Music and Collaborating Class

Pianists and some string players will collaborate in a chamber music or solo/accompanist setting. Students will learn about ensemble skills, such as cuing, dialogue within the music, balance, and shared leadership within a group.


This class is an informal gathering for all students of the workshop. This is an opportunity to play music from all of the repertoire covered at the workshop, play musical games, listen to more advanced repertoire, and gain ideas from several local Suzuki teachers.

Pre-Twinkle Violin Class

On Saturday, July 7, we will offer a Pre-Twinkle class for beginner violinists (those who have not yet mastered Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and variations). Students must already have a private Suzuki violin teacher. Movement, posture, rhythm, and singing activities will be used to enhance foundational skills. Students who enroll in the Pre-Twinkle Class will also have the opportunity to participate in one enrichment class on Saturday.

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